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Realism Versus (Survivors / Common Infected)
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RankPlayerPointsPlaytimeLast Online
1lalle21,6621.12 days2.65 days ago
2mr silver swe14,68013.17 hours1.79 weeks ago
3Eazy Target **DØA**7,73510.35 hours2.76 weeks ago
4Kent7,1152.72 hours2.57 months ago
5Snake ™ Delta6,0594.53 hours2.54 months ago
6Peter Lustig6,0355.23 hours2.18 weeks ago
7Μαکtеr Of Ιηکαηì†у5,8613.33 hours2.00 weeks ago
8[Gnomes] Monte725,5633.58 hours1.15 days ago
9_-*Tribun*-_5,5562.67 hours3.96 days ago
10Clint_EstWooD5,3703.90 hours1.14 weeks ago
11Door 4305,3343.53 hours1.73 months ago
12{MDA} Zaki5,2002.90 hours1.61 weeks ago
13Suicidal Tendencies [DANISH]5,19619.67 hours1.14 weeks ago
14pavelfilip4,9504.30 hours2.50 weeks ago
15wook4,8782.57 hours2.01 weeks ago
16ᛋᚲᚱᛁᛗᛋᛚᛁ4,7832.63 hours2.29 months ago
17Vee4,6382.22 hours2.00 weeks ago
18_____o/_____4,5642.45 hours2.22 months ago
19wasabi684,5283.23 hours2.18 weeks ago
20nemesis4,1532.28 hours1.14 weeks ago
211234,0722.85 hours2.25 months ago
22high speed4,0663.73 hours2.54 months ago
23LEON4,0043.70 hours1.32 months ago
24Odin*☠* D. ︻デ═一 ✠3,9574.03 hours2.12 weeks ago
25Belgo !3,9262.45 hours1.14 weeks ago
26thesofty3,9113.23 hours2.54 months ago
27nug3,8884.10 hours1.86 weeks ago
28husares RUS3,8603.23 hours2.61 months ago
29mazsolo3,6611.95 hours2.32 weeks ago
30loriser3,6242.75 hours1.01 weeks ago
31MrFloomShroom3,5184.53 hours4.18 months ago
32Invisible3,4311.78 hours1.54 months ago
33DuKe3,4032.12 hours2.46 weeks ago
34dreams.3,3831.78 hours2.20 months ago
35Jeff stevie3,3754.83 hours1.44 months ago
36Lathred3,3612.62 hours1.62 months ago
37Darkahr3,3491.95 hours1.91 months ago
38Книнџа3,3383.67 hours3.61 months ago
39brokeNCYDE3,3131.65 hours2.30 weeks ago
40Žігŋę(GER)3,2874.63 hours4.18 months ago
41GT3,2571.95 hours2.07 months ago
42GrimReaper3,2512.55 hours1.26 months ago
43cat12g33,1994.13 hours2.47 months ago
44* serjik *3,0351.60 hours1.05 months ago
45daner2,9833.93 hours1.07 months ago
46-Timofei-2,9604.43 hours2.22 months ago
47Amy2,9433.00 hours2.54 months ago
48TotalTrash2,9121.68 hours2.13 weeks ago
49Redfield2,8943.25 hours1.14 weeks ago
50jerry2,8924.73 hours1.44 months ago
51b-bender2,8851.75 hours2.22 months ago
52MIMMI2,84156.00 minutes2.50 months ago
53✬ĈñĕѪ☼Ҝ✬2,8032.37 hours2.00 weeks ago
54Apple Johanne2,7354.23 hours2.47 months ago
55веснушка2,6972.22 hours2.01 weeks ago
56NoSkills2,6802.02 hours2.15 months ago
57MeatPuppet2,6391.37 hours2.86 months ago
58Lars2,6253.68 hours1.61 months ago
59Voldemar2,6071.18 hours2.26 months ago
60anders2,6064.15 hours1.07 months ago
61Jesús2,6012.20 hours2.18 weeks ago
62Mirisis2,5694.08 hours1.07 months ago
63R2,5312.98 hours2.06 weeks ago
642,5261.22 hours2.24 months ago
65Kanutski2,5093.03 hours1.94 months ago
66Sindarkim2,5071.53 hours2.43 months ago
67Kilo-Diamond2,4762.12 hours2.08 months ago
68Rustbite2,4261.68 hours2.32 months ago
69tilewi2,4243.32 hours1.18 weeks ago
70<CBDS> Daffy the Slayer2,3681.80 hours2.29 months ago
71ZiviKiller / Alpha Unicorn2,3431.77 hours3.08 months ago
72BloodyX$mokerZ2,33432.00 minutes3.51 months ago
73Axal0s2,3254.45 hours4.04 months ago
74Stp1>Fin2,3221.48 hours5.47 days ago
75Scream BlackWind2,30344.00 minutes2.86 months ago
76ToEzForMe2,3004.20 hours2.93 months ago
77MC BORROW2,29858.00 minutes3.08 months ago
78matheo7822,2311.55 hours1.36 months ago
79Zer02,2261.32 hours2.22 months ago
80ChiRaL2,2211.08 hours2.01 weeks ago
81Amanda(DK)2,1941.38 hours2.97 months ago
82Ollnört2,1884.15 hours3.04 months ago
83parowkorwa2,1852.22 hours2.86 months ago
84tha_yeti2,18440.00 minutes2.33 months ago
85Zebulon2,1791.17 hours2.86 months ago
86Arin K2,1663.55 hours1.61 months ago
87Julian2,1662.23 hours1.07 weeks ago
88Tserov2,1151.58 hours3.47 months ago
89Archer2,0941.32 hours2.25 months ago
90CoN2,0813.12 hours1.94 months ago
91Cranocide2,0721.43 hours1.86 months ago
92geilertyp22,0622.58 hours3.08 months ago
93Mr.PacMan2,0581.38 hours1.20 weeks ago
94OUTSIDER2,0552.27 hours2.03 months ago
95Thormenta2,0481.47 hours2.51 weeks ago
96Metal Halide Lamp2,0351.78 hours2.01 weeks ago
97KRIPPAN1,9793.82 hours3.04 months ago
98Cat1,9511.88 hours1.98 months ago
99Holod1,9461.03 hours1.61 months ago
100Mr.Pozitiv4iK1,93957.00 minutes1.54 months ago
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