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Realism Versus (Survivors / Common Infected)
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RankPlayerPointsPlaytimeLast Online
1Ganter79,4421.77 days1.83 months ago
2mr silver swe35,1121.32 days1.44 months ago
3Negative19,09614.88 hours2.03 days ago
4Bjørn Hudson Hagen17,25423.68 hours1.33 months ago
5817711,7835.35 hours3.07 months ago
6husares RUS11,6889.08 hours1.71 weeks ago
7invisibl11,3557.03 hours2.31 weeks ago
8William10,7385.35 hours1.76 months ago
9Belgo9,9056.20 hours2.46 months ago
10SNAKE ™ DELTA9,6327.58 hours2.26 weeks ago
11Metal Halide Lamp9,4696.55 hours5.14 months ago
12Rip 20009,29017.30 hours3.03 months ago
13Fastfinger Eddy || EA9,1916.28 hours2.15 months ago
14exboxx9,0713.93 hours2.60 months ago
15wook8,9889.07 hours1.79 months ago
16the irishman8,6357.00 hours4.18 months ago
17j-hasan8,57015.03 hours1.94 months ago
18♥Moonlight ♥7,99010.85 hours1.11 months ago
19Eazy Target **DØA**7,96610.53 hours6.19 months ago
20Philip7,8799.07 hours1.75 months ago
21Joker7,8485.98 hours4.46 months ago
22Μαکtеr Of Ιηکαηì†у7,8044.82 hours4.36 months ago
23[Gnomes] Monte727,7876.43 hours4.00 months ago
24Darkahr7,7774.35 hours1.15 months ago
25๓ץรђ๏7,5384.88 hours4.79 months ago
26Kent7,1152.72 hours9.32 months ago
27мίмί6,8903.33 hours5.36 months ago
28KeyPa6,7577.87 hours2.43 months ago
29unwise.exe6,6354.02 hours4.79 months ago
30hardgr##ve6,6145.18 hours1.72 weeks ago
31Bir Bitmediniz Amk6,4982.52 hours1.87 weeks ago
32eviz026,4804.07 hours1.79 months ago
33Suicide Bunny6,3304.33 hours1.87 weeks ago
34[NICE] Di..Germ6,3025.70 hours1.42 weeks ago
351236,1374.35 hours1.75 months ago
36ChiRaL6,1253.20 hours5.30 months ago
37Nice6,1153.25 hours1.05 months ago
38thesofty5,9634.92 hours5.07 months ago
39Clint_EstWooD5,8395.37 hours3.24 months ago
40THG | Bungle5,7545.27 hours4.71 months ago
41F☢E☣[単没え]☣A☢R5,6528.13 hours3.48 weeks ago
42_-*Tribun*-_5,5562.67 hours6.89 months ago
43gabe5,5113.10 hours3.47 weeks ago
44DuKe5,4863.58 hours3.02 weeks ago
45Door 4305,3343.53 hours8.47 months ago
46Suicidal Tendencies [DANISH]5,19619.67 hours7.03 months ago
47Kontorstol5,0404.80 hours4.71 months ago
48rmctp5,0282.82 hours2.68 months ago
49AV104,9753.13 hours7.00 days ago
50pavelfilip4,9124.52 hours2.76 months ago
51LEON4,8534.72 hours2.60 months ago
52Nikitta4,8376.63 hours2.03 days ago
53serjik4,7842.85 hours3.11 months ago
54ᛋᚲᚱᛁᛗᛋᛚᛁ4,7832.63 hours9.04 months ago
55Pøllefisk4,6524.22 hours2.32 months ago
56Speedy Gonzalez4,6241.45 hours3.89 months ago
57brokeNCYDE4,5732.58 hours1.48 weeks ago
58_____o/_____4,5642.45 hours8.97 months ago
59Andrew4,5516.40 hours6.21 days ago
60wasabi684,5283.23 hours7.29 months ago
61OMFG4,5192.95 hours1.05 months ago
62Deosl4,4925.67 hours2.78 months ago
63Streitaxt4,4763.22 hours2.95 months ago
64Skotose4,4103.12 hours4.72 months ago
65J.T.R4,3802.67 hours4.35 days ago
66Ask Little Tony ™4,3723.68 hours3.46 weeks ago
67Obi-Wan4,3172.90 hours3.94 months ago
68ДОБРЫЙ ПРАПОР4,3153.78 hours3.64 months ago
69jaffa59 -nVts [NoVa Veteran]4,3062.33 hours1.33 months ago
70<CBDS> Daffy the Slayer4,2662.53 hours1.51 months ago
71Mænd4,1743.85 hours2.71 weeks ago
72🎃(ΛFoxDIEΛ)👻4,1612.25 hours4.89 months ago
73FoxTrot4,1404.05 hours5.21 months ago
74Snorrihild4,1314.23 hours2.32 months ago
75Genji4,1273.45 hours1.03 weeks ago
76Garuwashi4,1185.95 hours1.75 months ago
77Murrell4,1019.02 hours1.75 months ago
78BADHICHOK4,0702.92 hours4.83 months ago
79high speed4,0663.73 hours9.28 months ago
80patzy4,0565.47 hours4.72 months ago
81HomeAtnighT4,05510.03 hours5.06 days ago
82Nja )4,0236.62 hours1.94 days ago
83kelon4,0083.13 hours2.90 months ago
84Goku(GT)4,0024.32 hours1.42 weeks ago
85Cat3,9594.37 hours2.17 weeks ago
86mazsolo3,9532.20 hours5.85 months ago
87DD¹²³Þ3,9513.85 hours3.25 months ago
88R3,9374.28 hours2.32 days ago
89GrimReaper3,9062.98 hours6.26 months ago
90๓คsค G3,9043.33 hours2.68 months ago
91GerryLäme.3,9022.73 hours1.83 months ago
92Gungorgila3,8984.27 hours1.72 weeks ago
93Vecchia_Cola3,8611.57 hours1.43 months ago
94oern-b3,8606.12 hours2.00 days ago
95nug3,8035.18 hours2.91 months ago
96Tim04403,7975.18 hours5.32 months ago
97Hansi7473,7819.85 hours2.02 days ago
98Pip3,7762.90 hours1.75 months ago
99Lathred3,7392.98 hours3.19 months ago
100CaptainHobo3,7023.45 hours2.32 months ago
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