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Realism Versus (Survivors / Common Infected)
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RankPlayerPointsPlaytimeLast Online
1Toool35,1352.28 days1.89 weeks ago
2Kleo13,4294.70 hours2.27 months ago
3Dreamer13,1212.45 hours3.94 months ago
4STALIN12,6963.63 hours2.27 months ago
5Fabiiuss10,0064.08 hours5.83 months ago
6Pierst9,4564.57 hours2.26 months ago
7az38,8872.40 hours2.26 months ago
8FrEaK8,2892.98 hours3.84 months ago
9Linndos8,2664.08 hours2.06 months ago
10PaceP8,0893.68 hours5.83 months ago
11TOXINE7,9413.53 hours4.76 months ago
12chris7,3703.75 hours1.37 months ago
13lukaslieteva7,2832.32 hours2.26 months ago
14Brezi23502106,7242.50 hours2.26 months ago
15SlaDkoewKa6,5852.42 hours4.44 months ago
16『Strelitzia』6,2658.93 hours6.30 months ago
17Frank den Mægtige6,1322.68 hours5.97 months ago
18Paddy6,1311.93 hours2.26 months ago
194рэк5,9181.63 hours3.36 months ago
20BatteryBoost5,77856.00 minutes2.33 months ago
21✇ Baba Yaga ✇5,71644.00 minutes6.30 months ago
22CREME FRAICHE5,7011.85 hours3.36 months ago
23Jim Carrier5,6662.57 hours2.50 weeks ago
24Score_Ripper5,4721.72 hours2.26 months ago
25heXXen5,4451.08 hours3.94 months ago
26Botan5,41751.00 minutes2.33 months ago
27Glug5,3671.58 hours2.40 months ago
28PV66665,2742.45 hours1.04 weeks ago
29Romca165,1612.05 hours4.88 months ago
30Dzsordzs Szorosz4,9982.32 hours2.34 months ago
31dead man4,9162.13 hours2.23 months ago
32DrunkenMaster4,8843.77 hours2.50 weeks ago
33Matuki4,85251.00 minutes2.24 months ago
34Silent Roar4,7958.60 hours5.10 days ago
35шкальник4,7292.12 hours2.96 weeks ago
36Khagan4,6911.75 hours2.26 months ago
37>>KING-KURDO<<4,65654.00 minutes4.44 months ago
38Francis CAI4,6392.12 hours1.04 weeks ago
39HAYET4514,5711.87 hours5.22 months ago
40Tommy4,4582.13 hours4.27 days ago
41skinny legend4,3803.53 hours1.51 months ago
42Claes af Geijerstam4,3244.63 hours3.84 months ago
43mercutwo4,18743.00 minutes2.33 months ago
44Rubber Duck4,1853.33 hours1.44 months ago
45.i.. *_* ..i.4,1582.72 hours2.23 months ago
46d0nnie4,1212.87 hours3.84 months ago
47PRE_DATOR4,11959.00 minutes2.27 months ago
48DreAdeR4,0562.42 hours5.83 months ago
49gdistasi4,0421.42 hours3.94 months ago
50agent_002_924,03356.00 minutes2.27 months ago
51Orome4,0081.95 hours2.72 months ago
52nataha_20103,9711.93 hours2.24 months ago
53yellow323003,9671.98 hours2.95 weeks ago
54rioave883,9523.55 hours3.36 months ago
55AntonEXP3,8493.88 hours5.94 months ago
56DeadlySpider3,8429.23 hours6.30 months ago
57Blacky3,8302.62 hours1.83 months ago
58Francouz3,8141.97 hours3.20 weeks ago
59Overundercovercaptain Ralfi3,7522.73 hours5.97 months ago
60ʞƆǃʁʘɦ3,67644.00 minutes2.27 months ago
61Prokoth3,6731.70 hours1.55 months ago
62winthred3,6612.10 hours2.48 months ago
63meutn3,6521.68 hours1.98 months ago
64gerchet19813,5921.28 hours2.06 months ago
65-Senpai3,5891.90 hours5.22 months ago
66Holod3,5851.55 hours6.23 months ago
67Alt+F43,5693.33 hours2.34 months ago
68Davidlefevre3,5391.08 hours6.00 months ago
69-=] AoFA [=- Not The Best3,5061.22 hours2.26 months ago
70Marcel Werner3,4962.57 hours4.01 months ago
71The cRaZy RuSh Tobio3,4834.13 hours2.73 weeks ago
72Zouke3,4461.52 hours3.93 months ago
73konukberkan3,40457.00 minutes2.27 months ago
74TRGordons3,4041.03 hours3.36 months ago
75Bad News3,4011.85 hours3.36 months ago
76Bio3,3993.10 hours2.90 weeks ago
77♡(•__•)♡3,35956.00 minutes2.27 months ago
78Harkonen3,3501.80 hours3.93 months ago
79guillestre3,3451.48 hours2.97 weeks ago
80Ghostmdk3,3441.92 hours6.38 months ago
81Zonneger3,3391.80 hours4.44 months ago
82Kannenfeeder3,3201.33 hours3.94 months ago
83Hi!3,2551.75 hours2.97 weeks ago
84Mr.CoooT ☠3,2391.07 hours2.26 months ago
85ElMrZarco3,22854.00 minutes1.55 months ago
86*-][-*BERRETT@*-][-*3,22755.00 minutes2.33 months ago
87SMKzLegends3,2171.80 hours1.04 weeks ago
88WS_JOKER3,2131.08 hours2.26 months ago
89{GSA} E A G L Z / fEEDratE3,1591.63 hours1.33 months ago
90CaSSaDIR3,0853.07 hours4.69 months ago
91susangabor3,0641.53 hours1.44 months ago
92Ukendt Spiller3,05555.00 minutes3.59 months ago
93Forsain3,0451.03 hours4.44 months ago
94EsKiMoo3,0362.07 hours3.26 months ago
95ЗАКОН В ВОРЕ3,0271.27 hours1.23 months ago
96vegleur3,0222.33 hours2.55 months ago
97TheOneHobbit3,0063.22 hours1.01 weeks ago
98pagan god in the form of a cake3,0051.83 hours1.55 months ago
99NoLife3,0031.33 hours2.34 months ago
100tatou (FR) WIMEREUX (62)3,0004.45 hours2.60 weeks ago
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