Left 4 Dead Player Stats :: The Passing Stats (Coop)

The Passing Stats (Coop)

More zombies have been killed in the campaign The Passing than the entire population of Franklin County, MO, population 100,045.
That is almost more than the entire population of St. Mary's County, MD, population 100,378!


DifficultyPlaytimePoints (PPM)KillsRestarts
Normal13.78 hours37,434 (45.26)22,62578
Advanced4.28 hours20,881 (81.25)6,45728
Expert2.03 hours13,766 (112.84)2,93853
Total20.10 hours72,081 (59.77)32,020159


DifficultyPlaytimePoints (PPM)KillsRestarts
Normal13.25 hours38,194 (48.04)39,19430
Advanced4.43 hours22,145 (83.25)12,76219
Expert37.00 minutes6,346 (171.51)1,6884
Total18.30 hours66,685 (60.73)53,64453


DifficultyPlaytimePoints (PPM)KillsRestarts
Normal11.65 hours28,101 (40.20)10,249174
Advanced4.47 hours18,750 (69.96)3,73480
Expert37.00 minutes4,280 (115.68)4128
Total16.73 hours51,131 (50.93)14,395262