Left 4 Dead Player Stats :: Swamp Fever Stats (Coop)

Swamp Fever Stats (Coop)

More zombies have been killed in the campaign Swamp Fever than the entire population of Woodbury County, IA, population 102,287.
That is almost more than the entire population of Canadian County, OK, population 103,559!


DifficultyPlaytimePoints (PPM)KillsRestarts
Normal9.77 hours29,630 (50.56)18,34758
Advanced2.88 hours13,440 (77.69)5,12037
Expert1.28 hours10,518 (136.60)2,34123
Total13.93 hours53,588 (64.10)25,808118


DifficultyPlaytimePoints (PPM)KillsRestarts
Normal7.72 hours26,763 (57.80)21,38442
Advanced1.88 hours9,625 (85.18)5,2008
Expert19.00 minutes2,908 (153.05)7570
Total9.92 hours39,296 (66.04)27,34150


DifficultyPlaytimePoints (PPM)KillsRestarts
Normal6.00 hours19,437 (53.99)14,23232
Advanced54.00 minutes5,450 (100.93)1,8850
Expert10.00 minutes691 (69.10)1600
Total7.07 hours25,578 (60.33)16,27732


DifficultyPlaytimePoints (PPM)KillsRestarts
Normal10.32 hours37,412 (60.44)29,451152
Advanced1.03 hours7,788 (125.61)2,8650
Expert48.00 minutes4,744 (98.83)1,1078
Total12.15 hours49,944 (68.51)33,423160