Left 4 Dead Player Stats :: Swamp Fever Stats (Coop)

Swamp Fever Stats (Coop)

More zombies have been killed in the campaign Swamp Fever than the entire population of Olympia, WA, population 238,555.
That is almost more than the entire population of Orleans Parish, LA, population 239,124!


DifficultyPlaytimePoints (PPM)KillsRestarts
Normal19.72 hours62,212 (52.59)38,04688
Advanced6.73 hours32,857 (81.33)11,56559
Expert2.95 hours24,017 (135.69)5,67562
Total1.23 days119,086 (67.51)55,286209


DifficultyPlaytimePoints (PPM)KillsRestarts
Normal17.52 hours61,364 (58.39)50,465100
Advanced4.15 hours21,599 (86.74)10,91912
Expert1.42 hours11,401 (134.13)3,12322
Total23.08 hours94,364 (68.13)64,507134


DifficultyPlaytimePoints (PPM)KillsRestarts
Normal15.88 hours46,561 (48.86)35,119107
Advanced3.27 hours16,402 (83.68)6,01610
Expert60.00 minutes6,615 (110.25)1,9718
Total20.15 hours69,578 (57.55)43,106125


DifficultyPlaytimePoints (PPM)KillsRestarts
Normal22.53 hours75,830 (56.09)63,762352
Advanced3.12 hours18,906 (101.10)7,41416
Expert2.65 hours17,270 (108.62)4,95657
Total1.18 days112,006 (65.96)76,132425