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Dead Center Stats (Coop)

More zombies have been killed in the campaign Dead Center than the entire population of Mobile-Daphne-Fairhope, AL, population 576,175.
That is almost more than the entire population of Tulsa County, OK, population 585,068!


DifficultyPlaytimePoints (PPM)KillsRestarts
Normal1.36 days117,951 (60.39)68,77514
Advanced11.43 hours67,610 (98.56)22,89016
Expert7.63 hours58,380 (127.47)12,29851
Total2.15 days243,941 (78.77)103,96381


DifficultyPlaytimePoints (PPM)KillsRestarts
Normal2.37 days125,114 (36.60)144,956196
Advanced1.19 days120,188 (70.24)70,273302
Expert15.45 hours108,779 (117.35)32,943374
Total4.21 days354,081 (58.47)248,172872


DifficultyPlaytimePoints (PPM)KillsRestarts
Normal1.87 days140,669 (52.35)125,906257
Advanced17.90 hours90,316 (84.09)42,639250
Expert4.87 hours44,091 (151.00)11,720135
Total2.81 days275,076 (67.87)180,265642


DifficultyPlaytimePoints (PPM)KillsRestarts
Normal1.45 days82,380 (39.32)38,551564
Advanced5.05 hours29,093 (96.02)4,66055
Expert45.00 minutes14,040 (312.00)68712
Total1.70 days125,513 (51.38)43,898631